Teenagers Don’t indulge yourself in cool things.

Teenagers Don’t indulge yourself in cool things.
Youths nowadays

So, I was going through my newsfeed on Facebook and I saw one post where a boy has posted that he was awake all night and finished all seasons of a series on Netflix and his post was reflecting some kind of pride and achievement.

Then I went through the comment section of that post and realized many of the youngsters out there were convinced to awake all night and they would also finish seasons of series that they were enjoying.

Not only this but people started making dark and offensive memes just to look cool and funky among virtual people and in the virtual world.

Nowadays using bad words is a common thing and the person using such words to address someone is even cooler than those who are not into such things and mostly considered as stupid or alien among teenagers.

Introvert people are super trending and youngsters forcefully making themselves introverts in real life and extrovert in virtual life.

These are some examples where teenagers want to look cool among those people who don’t even know him and probably don’t care to bother about them. In the race of becoming cool, they are getting away from actual life and moving towards some world where their identity will be in vain.

I am on many social media platforms and I am quite active on them. As we all know the lockdown period is going on and we all have to stay home and stay safe.

But staying home isn’t an easy job. One tends to become super annoyed, dull, and bored and even become crazy by overthinking about future, career, and of course life after lockdown.

But what about teenagers who were just going to schools or colleges and now since all of them are closed, they are active more on social media sites these days.

I am not against these sites because I find it more informative for myself. I am not a newspaper person so social sites are the ones that update me from time to time about what's spinning around the globe. It informs me plus I have learned many many things from social sites that I can’t even imagine learning in schools or colleges or in any other way possible. So it's a cool way to learn, update, and entertain yourself.

But here’s you have to be very careful about the impact of these sites. In my case, it had a positive impact but I m sure enough that in many cases teenagers are negatively influenced by it.

It's prominent to know that being on social sites and bragging about such things doesn’t make you different from others but actually paving ways for the bad times to enter in your life. Because some things might look cool for now but you may regret it in the future.

It would be great if you use social sites for entertainment purposes only and of course for your betterment rather than indulging in some activities that will deteriorate your health and life.

Hello people, I am from India. I just want people to read my content and and appreciate me if it helps you in anyway.